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Learning to Build Google Adsense

   Indeed, I admit this now familiar with Google Adsense (GA). I know about google adsense advertising from the streets of my google search engine which later found a site that discusses the advantages in the can when we have Google adsense account.
I am curious and trying to figure out how to get google adsense accountFirst I apply GA through other sites like the one I mentioned in
The easiest way to get the approval of Google Adsense
Somehow the new road two months my account at closing. 

Then I tried again until I can have another account of the ways below.

   Before you sign up google adsense through indyarocks that need to be prepared as follows:
* Article in English at least 2 articles or more are better "Keep the original article".

* Prepare a minimum of 10 images or more (pictures must be something to do with the article you want to post) for example you post a picture of the computer means that you have something to do with computers.* Make a new email at gmail.com (recommended)
If you are really interested sign up google adsense should read this tutorial carefully in order to be accepted:

The first stage:
1. Sign in to Indyarocks.com

2. Look for the button and click Join now join now these
3. Fill out the form provided with the requested data4. If you already Locate and click the "I Will do it latter"5. Please check your email inbox and open the email and click the confirmation of Indyarocks
6. If you are logged in. Complete your profile, see upper right-click Account>> Edit profile.
7. Fill out all required forms start Basic - Personal - Lifestyle - Professional - Account Settings, do not forget the profile photo
8. Now Find the Upload button photos, Create albums and upload 10 pictures that have been prepared
9. If you've posted two articles that have been prepared, Point the mouse on the Media menu "see above"
10. On the submenu click Menu Write Blogs and search blogs "see above" if you have found please post your article
My mind told me if I could have adsense account again ....?okay go ahead.

The second stage:
1. Still at Indyarocks Please click My life

2. Look to the right on the "Quick Links on the right side", if you have found just click the "Earning * Google Adsense"
3. You will be asked to check the feasibility Just click the Check Eligibility
4. If it truly is complete there will be a message "Earn Money Through Google Adsense" just click the Start Earning (but if you can still message "Oops. You are not eligible" Just follow the instructions that asked what kekuranganya and complete until there is a message Earn Money Through Google Adsense)
5. If it Just click Next
6. In "Do you already have a google adsense account?" Click No.
7. Enter your new gmail email and click Next
8. For indyarocks stage is completed, but there are things you have to do. Please check back to your email inbox and open the verification email from google adsense and follow the instructions requested and click the link provided google adsense you will be brought to the stage of filling the data on google adsense. So fill it properly. if no verification message from Google adsense just wait a while Indyarocks Parties are reviewing your application to be submitted to the Google adsense.
9. Do not forget to select "Yes" on the "Allow Indyarocks.com to access my account" proceed by clicking the "Submit information"1
0. In part this is a confirmation of correctness of data "the most important thing that is on the payee Nam and countries of origin" this should really not appropriate because it can change again, but for the addresses and other data can still be changed later. If it is correct click "Create Account"
11. Place a check mark and click "I Accept"

   After the above steps run We just waiting for the approval of the google adsenseAnd while waiting for the notice I tried to update my status in Indyarocks.com

Believe it or not " Mystery birth rate "

Mystery birth rate

All are sometimes made between believing and not confused.
All sometimes have the sense and meaning.
There is certainly no cause and effect.

Now it's up to you, regarding the meaning and significance of this birth rate. Do you believe it or reverse it.Just to know the meaning and the meaning of the birth rate does not hurt and maybe we can make as little knowledge and insight to us all.

This is the mystery behind the birth rate:

Year of Birth 1 = Water that flows
You do not have a sense of security. Berhasia like. You have to get used to living with high dynamics, constantly moving and it's not easy for you to live. But according to your nature is like water flowing, you can always find a way out. Bad experience and the difficulty will make you independent, free to determine the will of the heart. People of this type should look at the life of the water flowing. Any difficulties will be encountered by it.

Year of Birth 2 = Earth
Beratak fast, attentive and always supportive. Type this earth more fit and deserves to be a partner rather than leader. Prefer to remain silent and be a faithful follower.Always need help from someone more powerful to achieve the ultimate goal.Problems will confront when trying to achieve success in a hurry, without preparing everything from scratch. Type the earth is always in a hurry and used to working without proper preparation. To succeed, too many obstacles.

Year of Birth 3 = Thunder
You are an energetic, impatient, want to always stand out and survive on the road already traveled. Often too frank for the failure of others, but always sensitive to the failure itself. Power creations are always high and he thought orosinil fruit. Two things are key to success. But he is easily frustrated and angry when feeling depressed.The disadvantage is to always get there in time. And consequently, all will actually fall apart.

Year of Birth 4 = Wind
Like the wind, you are easily changed, fickle and always uncertain. However, when a failure you do not easily give up and surrender to life. Typically, his attitude is very friendly and affectionate. Like to put the interests of others and would rather help others to succeed rather than make himself a success first.

Year of Birth 5 = Major Strength
Childhood full of trouble pushing this type to grow independently as an adult usiaa.Full of charisma when when dealing with others and have tremendous perseverance.The key to success of this stems from two things. High potential to become leaders.Unfortunately often verbose when in doubt about something. In a way, this person does not need others to complete any work.

Year of birth 6 = Heaven
Full responsibility and attention. Always be careful in every step and action. Tend to put yourself above others, and expressed criticism of them. Has the power to inspire others and often emulated his attitude because it is gifted to be leaders. One thing you must realize, that life must be dealt with seriously if you want to succeed. The rest is a willingness to put themselves in the community.

Year of Birth 7 = Lake
Life is based on optimistic attitude, flexible and a bit of a slut. His view is rather materialistic. Fortunately this type of easy to get sustenance. Money does not seem to be a problem for him. Money comes easy to him, but also easily dissipated in an instant. Clever diplomacy and a little hypocritical when talking with others. His life was not far from pleasure.

Year of Birth 8 = Mount
A matter of loyalty, these people do not diragunkan again. Loyalty balanced with perversity possessed. Her willingness hard but it is very difficult to express her feelings in others. It takes people a lot, because of the strength and sense of great help. But it must be objective and impartial in others, so as not to hurt later on. Have advantages in the storms of life, namely its very tough.

Year of Birth 9 = Fire
You who have the number 9, was destined to be a brilliant, intelligent and passionate.Can stand tall amid the crowd, and became the idol of others. You should be careful in choosing friends, because sometimes you hurt them. With the ambition and intelligence you have, you want to be a superior. But it would be wise if you are generous and tolerant of others' feelings. 

Hope can be useful.

Secret Uses the Control Key "Ctrl"

On the keyboard you will surely find a button marked "Ctrl". 
What will emerge when we combine that button with the letters a through z? 
Here are a few that I know about secret merger between the "Ctrl" when the match with an existing letter.

1. CTRL + A works to block the entire text 
2. CTRL + B for bold text function (first block of text you want bold) 
3. CTRL + C works to copy / Copy text in the block 
4. CTRL + D serves to open the menu / Fonts dialog box 
5. CTRL + E serves to flatten the text on the block (Align Middle) 
6. CTRL + F function to open the menu / dialog box Find (Search) and Replace (substitute) 
7. CTRL + G to open the menu functions / Find and Replace dialog box (Go To tab) 
8. CTRL + H to open the menu functions / Find and Replace dialog box (Replace tab) 
9. CTRL + I serve to make the text on the block to be slanted (italic) 
10. CTRL + J to function flatten Paragraph / Text (Average Left-Right) 
11. CTRL + K works to open the menu / Insert Hyperlink dialog box 
12. CTRL + L serves to flatten the paragraph / text (Justified) 
13. CTRL + F function to shift the First Line Indent and Left Tab at the bar of documents 
14. CTRL + N function to open a new document (New document) 
15. CTRL + O Open function to open up (open a previously saved document) 
16. CTRL + P to open the menu functions / Print dialog box (Print page) 
17. CTRL + Q works to eliminate the serial number 
18. CTRL + R serves to Flatten paragraph / text (Align Right) 
19. CTRL + S works to Save (save the document) 
20. CTRL + T works to shift the Left Tab at the bar of the document (to the left) 
21. CTRL + U for underline teksyang serves on the block (Example) 
22. CTRL + V to Paste function (paste) the text that had been Copied 
23. CTRL + W serves to store and instantly close the Microsoft Office programs 
24. CTRL + X function to delete the text (Text should be in the first block) 
25. CTRL + Y and Z serves to reiterate the writing 

Maybe that's what I know about the usefulness of the "Ctrl" is.
If there are shortcomings and mistakes please guidance of all.
Let us learn from each other in things that are useful. 
Share the knowledge of mustard seed, although only just.
May be useful. 

Google Plus It Can In Access

The launch of Google Plus has been on the waiting

It feels good and this may also have been anticipated by all users of gmail accounts.
Programs that used to only be enjoyed and accessed by certain persons "in law" can now be enjoyed by all users of gmail accounts.

The new program from GOOGLE which a named  Google plus the basic social networking site that supposedly will conquer all the social networking site of its predecessor is now wide open.
Please check to http://www.google.co.id and you see the upper left, you can register your gmail account there.

For those who do not have please register your gmail account and enjoy all the exciting features of google plus.Interesting features have been prepared by google plus a newcomer to the world of social networking as I have ever posted on
The Google Plus Project.

Could all the expectations about the program as Google Plus can satisfy its members?
We wait for the development of Google Plus.
Happy to be creative with Google Plus

The easiest way to get the approval of Google Adsense

Many roads lead to Rome.
Many roads to success
Many roads to get approval to have google adsense account.

Just share the trick for those of you who wish to have a google adsense account.
Google adsense known as a king among kings spread of advertising in the Internet world.

Indeed, to get approval to go through a rigorous selection.
    Here I share how to get adsense account through another site that is
http://www.flixya.com which means you might be able to have an adsense accountwithout having a blog or website.

Right away, here's how 

1. Create a new account google 

That the intent here is to create a new email account "gmail" in http://gmail.com
and do not use your old account.

 2. The second step  register to http://www.flixya.com
To sign up here use the email you just created above.
After successfully registering you have to do is. You must complete a minimum of 10 video with 10 images and 10 articles in "http://www.flixya.com". And if allowing more stout better.
Once you're done with the above provisions will be brought in monetize tab.

 3. You can just wait for a notification email from google adsense.
While waiting it is wonderful you continue to add videos, pictures or articles in http://www.flixya.com

This is an example of a notification when you are approved :
Congratulations, you have successfully created your Google AdSense account! You should now check your email for a message from Google that will allow you to complete the application process. A link in that email will prompt you to give Google your contact and payment information, as well as request confirmation to associate your account with flixya.com. You must complete this step before you can begin showing live Google Ads and begin accruing revenue.

The Place is Very Special

5 advantages and privileges Lippo Cikarang 

Cikarang area is one part of the territory west Java in Indonesia is very potential. One that is already familiar is Lippo Cikarang. A very in desire with a very complete facilities. This area is very special because
1. Places with a modern residential area.
Lippo Cikarang very concerned about the condition of beautiful and healthy environment for all occupants. By structuring the rimbundan beautiful landscape and greening programs involving all residents in the region.
2. Increasing Capital Gains.
Lippo Cikarang is an investment that promised benefits because i \ an investment that continues to increase.
3. Various facilities.
Educational facilities and international-standard quality levels ranging from Play Group to the secondary level. A place that is Rs Siloam health. The recreational facilities are also already available waterboom. Commercial center that is not less complete than other major cities. Also equipped with the means perhotela very majestic.
4. Security.
With the 24-hour Securyity System helps maintain security in environments equipped with CCTV and regular patrol officers.
5. Supported by the City Management
Serves to maintain and preserve the comfort and beauty of the environment.
Maybe you can consider to be made in one view in choosing where you live.

Facts Behind the 1000 Steps per Day

Facts Behind the 1000 Steps per Day

Walking, one form of exercise which can easily be done by almost anyone. Did you know that walking will help strengthen your bones, controlling weight, and condition of the heart and lungs? Walking is also one of the simplest forms of aerobic exercise. Do walk regularly and consistently is one of the most important factor in shaping a healthy physical activity program. Research shows that people who walk approximately 20-25 miles per week, a few years more longevity than those who do not. Hhm .... there interested? Please carefully one by one on foot following facts:
    On average, every minute of walking can extend the survival rate of 1.5 to 2 minutes.
    Walk for 20 minutes every day will burn seven pounds of fat per year.
    Walking longer each day for 40 minutes is the best way to lose weight.
    Walking quickly from 20 to 25 minutes will provide good conditions for the heart and lungs.

Walking also provides the following benefits:
    Improving the effectiveness of the heart and lungs.
    Burn fat in the body.
    Increase metabolism so the body burns calories more quickly.
    Helps control appetite.
    Increases energy.
    Help heal stress.
    Slow aging.
    Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.
    Lowering high blood levels.
    Help control and prevent diabetes.
    Lowering the risk of some cancers such as prostate and breast cancer.
    Assist the rehabilitation of heart attacks and strokes.
    Strengthen the leg muscles, thighs and bones.

      Walking is much more unpopular in the appeal of running or jogging because walking reduces stress on the body including the thighs, knees and feet. Remember to always warm up first, and relaxation after a walk.

Is it true that "Laughter" is the sport?

Laughter in addition to being a fun spontaneous activity it also has the same effect as exercise. This is expressed in a number of researchers Loma Linda University Schools of Allied Health. The study involved 14 healthy volunteers during three weeks of shows to laugh not only decrease the production of stress hormones, but also boost immunity, lower cholesterol, and blood pressure.

      The volunteers in the study presented at the conference "Experimental Biology" 2010 is divided into two groups, of which there who choose to watch one video and film genre of humor that sparked the tension. During the study, researchers routinely measure blood pressure and took blood samples before and after the volunteers every movie.

      The results also showed that volunteers who watched a funny video experience changes in blood pressure and improve health conditions. While the volunteers who watched the movie suspenseful did not experience a beneficial change.

      Psychoneuroimmunology expert, Dr. Lee S. Berk, one of the researchers involved in this study revealed the results showed the response and the modulation of the body due to laughing repeatedly have the same effect as exercising. Laughter is a source of heart-healthy exercise, especially for the elderly.

      You do not have time to exercise, it never hurts to take the time, bersendagurau, laughing with relatives. It also turned out to be healthy and your physical body.

Alternative Advertising in Addition to Google Adsense is Very Easy

    Can put adsense ads on a blog is every blogger's dream.
Especially the ads sponsored by google "GOOGLE ADSENSE".
I've filed an application to google adsense and my application was approved. And if you have been to my blog you also might have seen him. Somehow after walking about a month all of a sudden my account was closed. Until now, even I do not know the cause.
Currently I am also trying to get back to get through again "google adsense" by submitting another application.

    Along with it I find another alternative to be earning from advertisements on the blog, sponsored by one of the sites advertising publishers. On this site I think the filing of the application may be easier with evidence of only 2 days of my application has been approved.
And maybe it also could be an alternative in addition to google adsense publishers ads.
If you are interested to be able to deliver ads from the site please try it.
This is a free 
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