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How to create - TOP - backlinks

How to create backlinks?

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A backlinks project is a template of information our server uses to create your backlinks, exactly as you specify.

1. To start, find the URL that says "Click here to create your next backlink project!" and click on it. From now on you will be working inside the "action window". Scroll down to the action window and continue to step 2.

2. Enter a project name. This can be anything really. It is only used by you to identify your individual projects. When a project has been completed, it will have this project name attached to it so you know which batch of links are which. The project name must consist of only english letters and numbers. No spaces, symbols or foreign language characters are allowed.

3. Enter a list of URLs in the text area labeled "URLs". One per line. These URLs will be randomly selected from when creating each backlink. You can enter as many as you want, or only one. The choice is yours.

4. Enter a list of Keywords in the text area labeled "Keywords". One per line. The list of keywords works the same as the list of URLs, in that they will be randomly selected from for each backlink created.

5. Enter the number of backlinks that you want to be created PER BLAST. If you enter 1,000 here, then every time your project is completed (whether it is scheduled to run that day, or if you press the "PROMOTE" button) 1,000 backlinks will be deducted from your account and completed.

NOTE: There seems to be some confusion as to what exactly the number of links mean amongst our members. Mainly when selecting a daily blast schedule (that runs monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday), the number of links is not split between the number of days selected. If you enter 1,000 backlinks, and select all 7 days of the week, you will use up 7,000 backlinks per week. 1,000 * 7 = 7,000.

6. Select the type of backlinks you want us to use when creating your links in the "Link Type" section.
  • Blog Comments: Be aware that blog comments have a much lower success rate. These are not your typical blog comments. (They are much better!) We load each page with a fresh proxy, crack the captcha, post the link, and grab the confirmation URL. Whether or not the blog owner accepts the link is another story. You may not get many successful backlinks from a blog comment run, but the links you do get will be of much higher quality than typical blog commenting links.
  • Forum Backlinks: Forum backlinks come from a list of high quality, pre verified forums. These are not the usual "forum profile backlinks". We post a new thread in the forum with your keywords in the title of the page and in your URL's anchor text.
  • Forum Backlinks w/PageRank in their Domain: This is a groomed version of the above with all of the high pagerank domains picked out. Besides that, everything is the same.

7. Select a "Schedule Type". Right now you can select from "daily" or "dated", but we are still in BETA and more options are coming soon!
  • Daily: This allows you to schedule a project to run on a particular day of the week, every week, until you cancel it.
  • Dated: This allows you to schedule a project to be run only once. You must schedule it for at least 1 day in the future.

8. Click "Create Project" and the page should refresh with your project now found in the "Projects" section of your control panel in an easy to read table. You can edit it, promote it at any time, or simply wait for your scheduled setup to do it's thing!



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