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Entri Populer

Specials for the Lazy

It was an adorable scene at once pathetic, when walking the street at a time when the morning, we found many women who are distracted mother, the father of fathers who smoke and hug knees, and some people bertapihan towels, which may already since a few hours ago. There is also a glaring television until noon. An activity enjoyed laziness.

Perhaps indeed they were relaxing, maybe they did not know what to do? Or there is a desire, but is always defeated by laziness. Successful friend, I will give you special tips to get rid of laziness.Have you ever had to go one night to pick up lover? Have you ever had to go one night to do something you dislike? Which is heavier and torture? Of the number two? Nah! Means laziness was actually tortured and exhausting, as well as our own hearts annoying. Who is covered laziness, it will more often irritated, will more often angry, will more often kesel, and more easily hurt and blame.

Immediately have the purposeActually it's a lazy person does not exist, that there are people who do not have a strong purpose. When people have a strong goal then they will move and leave kemalasanya. You're too lazy to run? What if you saw your mother being dragged dragging and dijambak bunch of others from a distance of 100 M. What would you do? Yes! You will run every effort to help the mother of course. (Sorry if you are the prodigal son must have different responsenya)

There is no other choice, when your goal at this time there has been no, or weak, then immediately make a strong purpose for your life, then you will be automatically programmed to be very diligent. Make your life goals now are more powerful, even stronger, even bigger and bigger.

Accelerate your movement.There are automated in our bodies. If you move the spirit, then everything will become more spirit. If the position of your body and spirit both, then the entry is a good thing and spirit. Begin to move faster, run fasterTry to act out those who are restless!Try to act out those who are sad to be left lover!Try to demonstrate that happy people pass the exam!Try to act out those who are sickTry to act out a beggar!Try to demonstrate who is pursuing a sales target of 2% who stayed longer achievedWant to know the sensation? Yes demonstrate not just read! Lho kok even keep reading! Demonstrate first, let you feel the feelings, thoughts and moods suja? Strange is not it?From 6 above command, why do you demonstrate or exhibit different? The difference is not the artists demonstrate a scene above? Why?Wow! Kok modulation? Peragaannya different? Well this proves that there is a very strong relationship between the content of thoughts and feelings with body movements, and vice versa. Body movement is also greatly influence the content of thoughts and feelings.From now on, move faster, more agile more atractive, more enthusiastic. Let your thoughts and feelings to work automatically, in accordance with God's perfect formula.

Choose a positive emotion / buildThere is a wide range of emotions: enthusiasm, anger, resentment, kesel, senbel, dissolved in grief, BT, keqi, sulky, depressed, and was was a lot. Sometimes a lot of people can not escape from it this sort of thing. It seems that determine our emotional state. Indeed no effect, but it is we who determine our emotions rule.Do not say I was angry, but I CHOOSE to say angry. Do not tell me sad, namaun say I chose to sad. Practice that, in order to appear in our self-awareness, that it is our choice and are in control of yourself.I opted for the red-hot these days and write something for you and the world! Hooray! I chose to really enthusiastic!

Find new activitiesAntivitas bored with routine? Well this is what makes the tendency to be lazy. Find a new activity? Free really. Maybe FACEBOOKING, or streets on a motorcycle down the aisle and narrow aisle aisle aisle, or walk away with public transport will do.The more bizarre the better in your feelings. Wong had a car really take a train? Wong old really play ball? Or go to the mosque mosque study distant or outside the mosque subscription. Find new activities, will give a new sensation.The new office? Yes there is nothing wrong if you had 25 years as a purchasing staff and does not rise up position. The more extreme, the greater the sensation.

Imaginasikan greater thingsSomeone once told me that you little people? If some say like that, chances are he's afraid of achievement unrivaled by you, or he does not have the ability to see the truth, or just because you did not remove the ability you have, so that they see everyday you're lulled by laziness and routine.Begin to imagine your greatness. Doing big things and build up great expectations. See yourself more successful in coming years. Look at yourself you can make changes to the changes, look at yourself excited through the day.Whatever your situation now, not very relevant to your future, which is more relevant is what you are doing one second after now and then. Yes!

Reason to this lifeLife is just one trip. God created us is certainly not fun, because life is so precious to every human being. No matter how rich the poor, clever fool. Life is precious. It is appropriate, we also appreciate anyone's life as precious. For your life's journey and you are the most valuable. Do you have a reason for your life?Why should you live? Find a good reason your life today. Is it true that only after something to eat? Or you should have more meaning and helpful. More meaningful and more positive contribution to this life?What do you live?

Through every time freely and happily.You're the determinants of the life yourself. You are designing what kind of life you want to go through. Go through your life's journey with a free and happy. Enlarge the area that you have control, and narrow areas of the area that you can not control. Focus on the controlable and make yourself an independent person. Not unfettered and happy.Does it not work spaces?Yes, if it turns out your contributions to the company less than the salary that you receive. If you want to be free and happy in a company, then Contribute is greater than the dollars that go into your savings account.Hope can give inspiration for more vibrant and changing activities that plunged ourselves mired in laziness, unchanging, still, dirty and less useful.Successful friend, my prayer for you!

Excessive heat warning continues for Las Vegas

By Dave Toplikar (contact)

Temperature records are expected throughout the region, forecasters said

Record-tying heat is heading today to the Las Vegas area — hitting 109 degrees this afternoon — and the burners are going to get turned up even higher for the rest of the week, according to the National Weather Service.

The weather service has issued an excessive heat warning for the Las Vegas area for today through Saturday for much of the Mojave Desert, with record temperatures expected in some areas.

Temperatures in the Las Vegas Valley are expected to range from highs around 103 degrees on the west side of the valley to around 112 degrees on the east side.

Forecasters urge area residents to reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or in the evening, to wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing when possible and drink plenty of water.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends scheduling frequent rest breakings in shaded or air-conditioned areas. Anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool and shaded location. OSHA says heat stroke is an emergency and those suffering from it should call 911 and ask for help.

The forecast calls for a strong area of high pressure to gradually build over the region from the east and remain in place going into the weekend, forecasters said. The weather pattern will produce a prolonged hot spell across the Mojave Desert region.

Temperatures are expected to range from 108 to 113 in Las Vegas, 112 to 117 at Lake Mead and Laughlin, 117 to 122 in Death Valley, 108 to 112 in Twentynine Palms, 113 to 118 in Lake Havasu City and 103 to 107 in Kingman.
Well-above normal nighttime temperatures can also be expected, with lows dropping to between 85 and 90 degrees in many locations, forecasters said.

The hottest temperatures will occur within the Colorado River Valley and Death Valley National Park, they said. Any outdoor activities should be planned in the early morning or in the evening after sunset, they said.
The eight hottest temperatures of the summer so far have been 111 on July 2, 110 on June 2, 109 on Aug. 18 and June 23, and 108 on Aug. 2,July 29, July 3 and June 28, the weather service said.

At 4:56 a.m. today, the temperature at McCarran International Airport was 83 degrees. The normal low for today's date is 78 degrees. The record low was 56 degrees, set in 1947.

Around the valley just before 5 a.m., temperatures were 83 degrees at North Las Vegas Airport, 79 degrees at Nellis Air Force Base and 80 degrees at Henderson Executive Airport.
Temperatures at McCarran were to rise today to 92 degrees by 9 a.m., to 103 degrees by noon and reach a high of 109 degrees by 3 p.m., forecasters said. The normal high for today's date is 101 degrees and the record high was 109 degrees, set in 1998 and 1944.

Temperatures are expected to drop to 108 degrees by 6 p.m., to 101 degrees by 9 p.m. and to 94 degrees by midnight, forecasters said.

Wednesday's morning low will be 85 degrees and Wednesday's high will climb to 110 degrees, they said.

Source  http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2011/aug/23/excessive-heat-warning-continues-las-vegas/

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Wonders Of The Ancient World Lists

7 Wonders Of The Ancient World – Various lists of the Wonders of the World have been compiled from antiquity to the present day, to catalogue the world’s most spectacular natural wonders and manmade structures.
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is the first known list of the most remarkable creations of classical antiquity, and was based on guide-books popular among Hellenic sight-seers and only includes works located around the Mediterranean rim. The number seven was chosen because the Greeks believed it to be the representation of perfection and plenty. Many similar lists have been made.

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Dunia Semakin Modern

Sungguh perkembangan tehnologi semakin pesat. Banyak cara traditional di tinggalkan dengan adanya kemajuan jaman ini.

Contohnya :

Dunia komunikasi

Sekarang komunikasi bisa dilakukan secara DIGITALL. Dengan adanya ponsel atau hp.Hp sekarang sudah memasyarakat tidak ada kata mewah untuk benda ini.
Hampir semua keluarga memiliki lebih dari satu ponsel.Kategori harga dan fitur tergantung dari ponsel itu sendiri.Masalah awet dan tidak tergantung cara perawatanya  Bisa di lihat trik merawat Ponsel Disini.

Dunia Internet dan Computer.

Dulu mungkin hanya segelintir orang yang bisa menikmati ini,Tetapi lihat sekarang?
Banyak warnet di ujung jalan bahkan di mana-mana setiap beberapa meter warnet berdiri.Mereka saling bersaing agar mendapatkan pelanggan ataupun mempertahankan pelangan.
Banyak cara yang di lakukan dari menurunkan harga,menaikan kecepatan dan sebagainya. Semuanya serba DIGITALL dan Semua PROCESS pun bisa lebih cepat.
Laptop dan computer merajalela....Kebanyakan menampilkan fitur dan memamerkan tehnologi mereka supaya laku keras di pasaran.
Coba anda ke toko computer atau laptop anda pasti akan bingung untuk memilih.
Dunia DIGITALL memang akan terus berkembang...Di Era mendatang dan Semunya pasti membutuhkan PROCESS

Dunia Pembayaran.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Anda ingin membeli barang tanpa keluar rumah? Pasti bisa untuk saat ini.Bnyak sekali toko online tersebar di internet atau dunia maya.
Anda hanya butuh membuat sebuah acoount bank di dunia maya seperti PAYPAL dan ALERTPAY semuanya akan terwujud "belanja online"
Bahkan saat ini banyak sekali bermunculan bank dunia maya baru seperti VIRTAPAY yang baru hot di bicarakan.
Untuk virtapay dapat anda cek alamatnya DISINI pendaftaranya pun di gratiskan bahkan anda akan di beri bonus  dollar "$"saat pertama kali membuat sebuah account.

Dunia Pekerjaan 

Banyak orang bisa kaya raya dari internet.
Banyak Bisnis menjajikan dari internet baik yang gratisan seperti SURVEY ataupun yang bermodal dengan investasi.
Dapat penghasilan tanpa mengeluarkan keringat.Cukup tanam sedikit saham dan hasilnyapun melimpah ruah.
Sepertinya BISNIS internet mulai di gandrungi oleh masyarakat indonesia saat ini.
Bisnis dengan profit harian memang sangat menarik dan menggiurkan asalkan kita bisa memilih mana itu yang benar-benar mana itu yang hanya kebohongan belaka" iming-iming".
Intinya jangan sembarang percaya pada BISNIS yang ada di dunia maya

Mungkin masih banyak lagi MODERNISASI yang semunya serba DIGITALL dan memudahkan dalam PROCESS kehidupan manusia sehari-hari.

Salam sukses

Akhirnya Yang Diatas Memberi Petunjuk

Ini adalah kisah nyata di bulan Ramadhan 2001.
Sungguh Bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan yang sangat suci.Ini terbukti sekali dimana ada seseorang telah mendapatkan anugrah ataupun hidayah pada bulan ramadhan ini.
Kisah dan cerita singkat
Dimulai dari petikaian dan permusuhan dari seseorang dengan sahabat karibnya hanya karena sebuah salah paham.
Keduanya saling memperthankan emosi hingga perselisihan itu berlangsung amat sangat lama sekitar 1 tahun lebih.
Memang keduanya setiap hari bertemu dan bertatap muka karena mereka bekerja pada sebuah perusahaan yang sama.
Setiap hari mereka lalui dengan saling berdiam dan acuh tak acuh satu sama lain tidak ada satu kata terucap di antara keduanya.
Mereka tidak mengingat masa lalu mereka Dimana mereka sering bersama dalam berbagi kebahgiaan ataupun kesedihan.
Mereka Tinggal bersama dalam satu kontrakan karena memang keduanya adalah perantauan "itu dulu". Sekarang kenyataanya sangat lain semenjak salah paham itu .'masa bodoh"

Hinggalah tiba bulan Ramadhan tahun 2011 ini.

Dan Akhirnya Yang Maha Kuasa Meberi Petunjuk
Salah satu dari mereka mendapatkan berkah di bulan ini.Mungkin ini adalah hidayah dari YANG MAHA KUASA sehingga salah satu dari mereka terbuka hati nuraninya dengan memberanikan diri untuk mengakhiri pertikaian 
yang sudah berlansung selama 1 tahun ke belakang. Salah satu dari kedunya dengan amat sangat rendah hati dan dengan ketulasan hati segera meminta maaf pada sahabatnya yang dulu itu.Entah siapa yang salah dulunya?
Tapi dengan adanya bulan ramadhan 20011 ini persengketaan dari Dua insan manusia telah berakhir dan keduanya saling berbaikan kembali.

Apakah hikmah dari cerita diatas?......
Ambillah makna dan renungkan INTI dari sekelunit Cerita di atas........
Pemaaf...Rendah hati...Jangan berselisih Lebih dari 3 hari...
Sungguh bulan yang penuh berkah bagi orang - orang yang menyadarinya.

Perjuangan tidak harus dengan darah dan keringat sumbang saran dan kritik adalah salah satunya.

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The original source

24 Kick-Ass Success in Relationships


  "I failed in my relationship ...". A phrase that is very alarming and it's ironic when you just have to realize that you have failed to establish a relationship with your partner especially in the more distant like a marriage. Do not despair, because we'll give you tips for you to be successful in a relationship.

Spend time with your partner. This is one of the key relationship. Without quality time, your relationship with him will not run properly. The trick is very easy, you can create a special time for half an hour to just be alone with your partner at least once a month.
You both need a sense of safety and comfort. A good relationship built on mutual understanding and a lot of give-take for both.
Keep your balance, your independence and dependence. Speak to him how much you need him, but do not be spoiled, because it will make your partner feel trapped.
Encourage him, does not mean force it to always be able to listen to him to show your appreciation when he does the opposite. In the same way, show your interest when he spoke. You need to know that there are differences in how to carry on a conversation between women and men. While women can have conversations in any condition, most men need a special time and a quiet moment to express something.
Create appreciate your spouse. Do not wait for a spontaneous compliment, but express something good about yourself and ask whether he agrees with it.
Teach couples since the beginning of your relationship to be able to provide satisfaction because it is impossible for him to find out for yourself. If you do not know yourself, try to better recognize it anymore.
Learning to do one of the most effectual to restore good feeling in your relationship, show your smile is sincere and loving it.
Often the behavior of a sweet couple, the treatment that makes you attracted to her for the first time will turn into a very disturbing behavior. You must learn to love him the best of your partner's bad.
Steam that is hidden poison in a relationship, so, if you have something that is disturbing, say. For women, keep in mind that men are aware of the emotional conversation, but men love to find a solution. So, explain your problem and begged him to help you find a solution.
Giving "punishment" for your spouse will not impact either. It will probably make you feel better if you give a difficult time for your partner, but it will only make your partner more and more stubborn. The best tactic is to reward what you like and ignore what you dislike.
Money is the main cause of conflict in couples. Therefore you need to be noted that financial treat you better.
If a job or role in the house is not divided fairly between the two of you, this may cause "friction" in the relationship. Make a list of what should be done to divide the work with fairly as possible.
If you already have children, involve him in care of as many children as possible even if you think he did not do as good as you because it is very important to conduct cooperation in parenting.
Create a good sex life. Sexual activity could recede and running for so long, but if it starts to decline, do not just accept it. Once you feel you're falling, do not let this condition lasts. Find out why and revived your passion.
Do not assume that you will not be tempted to cheat. You must learn to resist. If you are caught, do not ever think that this is the end of your relationship. Some couples will return realized after dealing with something that makes them aware of and ultimately make them closer. So you need to do is refuse.
Remember that boredom typically be overcome by anger. If you feel bored with your partner, ask yourself what makes you angry.
Once again, women need to know that men generally feel overwhelmed by his own emotions more than women. When men get angry or even cry it takes approximately half an hour to be able to rebalance his emotions back and could make it better able to interact positively with you.
You should learn to argue properly. The trick is not to say what you do not want to hear for yourself.
Research suggests you need five positive experiences to erase the memory of negative experiences. So, give 5 words sweet to a comment is not fun, give hugs for the first 5 times not to touch.
Learning how to negotiate. State what you both want, then work together to attain.
Accept some things will not change. Some characteristics of your partner attaches to him for life and you should be able to deal with it.
Learn to forgive. If indeed you think it is difficult to forgive mistakes, try to break each and started back what you have built.
Realizing that you and your partner may be changing, therefore, establish open communication will be very good to deal with problems that might arise.
Know when you should leave your spouse. Of course this is the action that you need to do if subjected to violence or are there other things that cause you to suffer physically and psychologically, the only way is to leave him before it destroys your relationship yourself.
Do not think that counseling will not change anything. Consultation with experts may change even make your relationship becomes much better.

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Train the Brain with Games

Train the Brain with Games
Benefits of Playing Games

Training the brain with a game it can also increase the power of your brain power. If you want to power your brain stay sharp, one of the best ways to do that is by playing games that make you think. Playing games that make you think just one of 15 ways you can do to train the brain to increase the strength of brain power.

Which include favorite games: 

Smarty Pants. Trivia can be played all in the form of the Wii or Nintendo. Games Games is done by the players who answered trivia questions in various categories, but with a little spin. When you play this challenging game, make sure you play the game according to your age. This brain training game can be a favorite game for your family at home.
Scrabble. A game that can train the brain is a good classic game for all ages. Scrabble is available in so many formats, including versions of classic board games, online version, the mobile version and even a version for Facebook and other social media sites. You can see it again in the latest variation that cater for children and adults called Bananagrams.
Boggle. There are so many variations of the game Boggle, and can also be found in the form of the classic board game, the online variety, and you can make the print version of the game as well. The goal is to see how many words you make from a randomized group of letters that quickly. You can also have this game on your phone if you're feeling bored.
Scattergories. Collect a few letters and then see how many words you think of that starts with the letter that any indication of the answer to a specific category. This brain training game can be enjoyed by children and adults.
Brain Age. Train your brain every day for several minutes. Brain Age 2. Continue to training your brain back in the next day with the same time. To train your brain every day, you can try it with the game Big Brain Academy are available on the Nintendo DS and other game systems. All three games game has a variety of games and activities guaranteed to make you think creatively and challenge your brain power.
Brain training game. Game series games can be played by everyone, both children, adults, and a thinker. This edition is perfect family game to play when combined with the best games from an original brain training game with more simple format and play a little shorter so it's easier to play.
Even games such as solitaire, crossword puzzles daily or I Spy with children also can train the brain that can increase your brain power. For that train your brain power capabilities every day, in order to further enhance your ability to remember.

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Tips Reducing Risk of Accidents When Driving in Rain


    1. Check your tire pressure.
       Ban excess wind can cause the tire to lose grip of aquaplaning due to the water layer.
       Can also cause handling the unexpected.
   2. Check the tire tread.
      If the fine or worn tires will result in the addition of the braking distance significantly.
   3. Low speed.
      Try driving with low speed in the appeal during a normal or good weather conditions.
   4. Keep a safe distance with the vehicle in front.
      This is to anticipate sudden braking
presence which can cause loss of control and balance
   5. If steering is unresponsive started this a sign that you might be going too fast may reduce speed

Note the concentration in the field and always drive
Some of the above tips may be useful when driving on a wet field.
Anticipate all from the beginning to reduce the risk of accidents

Baca juga Peraturan terbaru Bagi Pengguna Kendaraan Bermotor

Merayakan Hari Kemerdekaan Bangsa Indonesia Tercinta


17agustus 1945 adalah hari yang sangat bersejarah bagi Bangsa INDONESIA
Dimana hari Hari itu Bangsa INDONESIA Menyatakan Kemerdekaanya.
  Para Pahlawan kita Rela mengorbankan jiwa Raga mereka demi mencapai suatu Kemerdekaan.
  Kita sebagai Generasi Yang tinggal merasakan Hasilnya.
  Harus bisaMengisi dengan hal-hal yang bermanfaat  bagi NUSA DAN BANGSA tercinta ini.
  Hargai perjuangan para PAHLAWAN kita dengan Meneruskan perjuangan dengan membangun Bangsa
  Sekali MERDEKA tetap MERDEKA

Beberapa gambar yang saya ambil dari temen yang share di google+ yang menggambarkan kretifitas dalam menyambut dan merayakan hari KEMENANGAN.
Sangat menarik sekali sehingga saya ambil buat ngisi blog ini.Thank" untuk semua

Dengan harapan Bangsa Indonesia menjadi negara yang Makmur dan Sejahtera.
Rakyat Hidup dengan mapan....Amiiiinn


Baca post Tentang The Google Plus Project

Peraturan Terbaru Bagi Pengguna Kendaraan Bermotor

Sekedar informasi kepada semua
Tentang Peraturan Terbaru Bagi Pengguna Kendaraan Yang di keluarkan pada  1 April 2011

Bagi siapa saja yang menggunakan kendaraan bermotor harap mematuhi peraturan terbaru,Untuk menjaga keselamatan dan mencegah hal-hal yang tidak di inginkan.
Untuk mencegah hal-hal yang tidak di inginkan gunakanlah sarana dan fasilitas keamanan dalam berkendara.
Keselamatan adalah no 1 yang perlu di utamakan.
Ini juga dapat di gunakan sebagai trik persiapan untuk mudik dan perjalan jauh 

Ini adalah Peraturan Terbaru 1 April 2011 Bagi Pengguna Kendaraan
Per tanggal 1 April 2011, bagi pengendara Motor yang melanggar Peraturan Lalu Lintas, akan diberlakukan Sistem Tilang di tempat (sesuai dengan UU No.22 Tahun

Perihal Peraturan yang terbaru bagi Pengendara Motor :
§ Dilarang mendengarkan musik saat mengendarai Motor
§ Dilarang menerima telepon saat mengendarai Motor
§ Dilarang memakai sandal saat mengendarai Motor
§ Dilarang merubah Warna Motor dan harus sesuai dengan Warna di STNK
§ Bagi Pengendara Motor, Nama di STNK dan SIM harus sesuai dengan Nama yang bersangkutan, apabila Beda dan belum Balik Nama akan didenda sebesar Rp 500.000 (untuk yg ini belum 100%)
§ Wajib menyalakan Lampu pada siang dan malam hari
§ Dilarang Merokok saat mengendarai Motor
§ Dilarang Merubah Plat Motor anda
§ Dilarang memakai/menggunakan Lampu yang berwarna (merah, hijau, kuning, putih), lampu harus sesuai Standar Pabrik.

Perlengkapan Sepeda Motor yang harus dipenuhi oleh Pengendara :
§ Memakai helm SNI
§ Kaca Spion
§ Memakai Sepatu
§ Memakai Jaket
§ Memakai Sarung Tangan
§ Pentil Ban

Ini dia pasal-pasal yang bersangkutan :

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How to Control Anger and how to Eliminate Grumpy Properties.

How to control anger and how to eliminate Grumpy properties.


1. Feel Others Feel Try to imagine when we are angry with someone else. Now, exchange the position where you become the victim of being scolded. How about it's being scolded. If anger educate and build character it may be useful, but if anger blind you will certainly clear himself grinning. 

2. Calm Heart In A Comfortable Place If you're angry you turn your attention to something that you like and forget everything that happened. A quiet and beautiful place such as parks, beaches, gardens, lounge, and others may be a suitable place for you. If your emotions may be heightened somewhat self-recreation for much needed refreshment.
3. Looking Busyness Favorites To forget the incident or something that makes our anger heightened emotions we need something that deflects anger by doing something fun and can make us forget the problems encountered. Examples such as listening to music, playing PS2, playing guitar or other musical instruments, reading books, chatting, writing articles, movie box office, and so forth. Do not act stupid like smoke, use drugs, and so forth.

4. Heartline / Curhat On Other People Can Trust Tell everything that happens to us may be a bit much to help reduce the burden on the liver. Do not confide in people who do not we trust our personal curhatan to prevent spread to others who do not want. Bercurhatlah on a friend, boyfriend / girlfriend, wife, parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles aunts, and so forth.

5. Finding Cause And Finding Solutions When you begin to calm your mind, try to find the source of the

Five Types of World Poison and Antidote

Dear aLL,
Just a distraction that the experience of living in this world will surely feel the dead.
All that can not be denied. A little preparation for the welcome worthy of reflection:

Five Types of World Poison and antidote
1. The world is poison, the ascetic's cure.
2. The treasure is poison, zakat is a cure.
3. The words are in vain that poison, remembrance is a cure.
4. The whole life of the poison, obey it cure.
5. It poisons the whole year, Ramadan is the medicine
Hopefully our fast smooth, full of blessing, prayer "on-approval & we can be better than yrs ago .. amen.
Road "to the country Sakura
Deliberately stopped by rmh Oshin
Tlah holy Ramadan arrives
One word please the sorry

و السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

Read the first reflection It let me add the spirit
From the water we learn peace
From our study of the hardness of stone
From the ground we learn of life,
From butterflies we learn to change ourselves
We learn from the humble rice
From God we learn about the perfect love
    * I looked up to obtain the spirit to move forward
    * looking down grateful for all the existing
    * see laterally see togetherness
    * look back as a valuable experience
    * look inward to self interopeksi
    * And look forward to being better again.

Sometimes err & verbal self sometimes incorrectly say
Let's forgive each oth



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