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Paying 150% after 25 calendar days - principal included

Maximum trading with maximum opportunities and maximum freedom.


Welcome to Risk Capital Fund, a high yield investment program brought online by two experienced investors who want to scale up their profits and share a part of it with you. RCF invests in several niches and makes money from markets offering a certain risk level which can be softened with the right strategies. Please take some time to browse our site and learn about what RCF can offer you.

Company Vision

Our business model takes profit from the HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) industry and other ventures involving a certain risk level. It's usually very hard to predict the lifespan of these online programs but we noticed a certain standard among them and our business plan has been successfully working for two years now. Short term investment opportunities show up all the time, we already took part in investments in the marketing industry, consumer goods, currency exchanging, these are opportunities are easy to find if you have the right contacts. We also invested a lot in new HYIP start-ups, which means we were helping new administrators with the initial amount of money needed to open a program, we're still doing it but in a different way, I won't disclose any names here, but basically we're investing in advertising other recently launched HYI programs.
We are also investing into several private investment funds available in different niches, these medium term investments have been a very profitable business for us for a few years now. Basically, they are investments which are not available for the general public but only for a group of investors who are a part of some investment groups, we are a part of several of them and these investment opportunities show up very often, usually giving us a very high profit.
RCF offers a single investment plan paying 150% of your initial deposit after 25 days, your principal is included in the profit. Our customer support is being managed by Lenny and Tristan, Lenny is the one you will see him around forums, blogs and Facebook. He used to work for a medium size charity organization and received tons of requests every day so we decided he would be the best person to manage our program and communicate with investors.
Running a HYIP is not an easy task and that is why we are putting $100,000 of our own personal funds into this project, our business plan is to spend this money in advertising, hiring new support staff members and hosting our site in a very secured server. In sum, we're doing everything it takes to run a successful program. This is our first and last project so we'd like to invite all RISK CAPITAL investors to join our program and make an investment with us. As always, the golden rule of the HYIP market applies, don't risk what you cannot afford to lose, and instead of doing that, use a part of RISK CAPITAL BUDGET to join RCF and all of us will be pleased with our profits.


Risk Capital Fund's page is equipped with several features developed to create a safe environment for your investments.
  • Anti DDoS attack protection by Staminus Communications
  • Dedicated Server
  • Customized Script
  • Unique customer support
  • Affiliate Program
  • Global Representatives
  • Multiple E-currencies Accepted
  • Registered Company


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