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Know Little About Kawasaki Disease

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Kawasaki Disease Before You Know and Watch 

Kawasaki Disease (PK), maybe some people do not know him. Disease discovered by Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki in Japan in 1967 can be a deadly disease, because early symptoms are not recognized. In Indonesia alone, many do not understand the dangers of this disease included in the medical community, so the diagnosis was often made late. 

The disease is more frequently attacked the Mongol race is generally attacks young children, especially ages 1-2 years. This disease has no obvious characteristic that is often diagnosed as measles, allergy medicines, viral infection or even disease mumps.

Japan became the country with the highest rates in the world where 1 case per 1,000 children under five. Followed by Korea and Taiwan. In the United States, the disease attacked at 0.09 (on the white race) to 0.32 (in the Asian-Pacific) per thousand children under five.

In Indonesia, cases of Kawasaki disease has been found since 1996, but there are doctors who declared after the previous finding. PK cases in Indonesia is not a little, at least every year there will be 3300-6600 cases of Kawasaki disease. In fact, cases detected is still far from that number and about 20-40 percent suffered damage to the coronary vessels of the heart.

The initial symptoms of this disease is a sudden high fever up to 41 degrees Celsius. Fever occurred during the five days but never reached normal. Even fever can last for 1-4 weeks without a break in children who are not treated.
Antibiotics have no effect in overcoming fever and about 2-3 days after the fever other symptoms will appear gradually, namely: 

Began to appear red blotches on the body, much like the measles.
Her eyes began to redden, but without the dirt.
Swollen lymph nodes on one side of the neck so that sometimes the disease is suspected mumps (parotitis).
Resembles a strawberry red tongue.
Red lips and sometimes cracked.
Palms and feet red and slightly swollen
Sometimes a child complains of pain in the joints.
While in the healing phase exfoliation will occur at the fingertips of the hands and feet. Followed by the onset of transverse depressions on nails shaped legs and hands
Patients with Kawasaki disease should undergo inpatient at the hospital accompanied by a child cardiologist
supervision. Approximately 20-40 percent of patients experienced the most frightening complications in heart, which can damage the coronary arteries. Usually occurs after 7-8 days of onset of fever. 

At first only vessel dilation occurs, then narrowing can occur inside or blockage.These conditions resulted in blood flow to the heart muscle disturbed so can damage the heart muscle and is known as myocardial infarction. It is therefore very important cardiac examination, including ECG and echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound). And sometimes ultrafast CT scan, MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) or cardiac catheterization is necessary if the disease gets worse. 

When undergoing laboratory tests for the disease, did not show typical results.Generally, white blood cell count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C reactive protein, elevated in the acute phase. This makes the diagnosis was decided on the basis of clinical symptoms and signs, so the experience of physicians are urgently needed. Not to mention, in the healing phase, the blood platelets will increase so as to facilitate the occurrence of thrombus, or blood clots that clog coronary arteries. 

Immunoglobulin, a drug derived from the plasma of blood donors has become an absolute drug should be administered intravenously for 10-12 hours. These drugs are effective to relieve symptoms or reduce the risk of PK heart damage, but one obstacle is the price of expensive drugs. Per one gram of these drugs ranges from Rp 1.2 million, while the Kawasaki disease patients require immunoglobulin 2 g per kg of body weight. 

For example, children who weigh 15 kg, would need 30 grams of immunoglobulin or approximately USD 30 million. Not only that, to prevent damage to the heart and coronary vessel blockage. 

If Kawasaki disease patients do not experience complications, it can be discharged within a few days. While in case it was too late and had coronary artery damage, requiring a longer hospitalization and intensive treatment to prevent heart damage is more severe. 

Coronary bypass operation (Corobary bypass) and heart transplantation, a viable alternative to other treatments if the drugs do not work. Death can occur in 1-5 per cent for patients who delayed and the peak occurs 15-45 days after the initial onset of fever. However, sudden death may occur many years after the acute phase. Sudden death can occur due to damage heart valves, especially mitral valve. And the possibility of a recurrence of the disease is about 3 percent. 

You should also be alert to patients who had fully recovered clinically, considering the coronary vessels will have abnormalities in the inner layer so as to facilitate the occurrence of coronary heart disease later. If you find an acute heart attack in young adulthood, the chances of ever having Kawasaki disease when still a child. 

It is not yet known what causes Kawasaki disease and its prevention, although allegedly caused by infection but there is no evidence to convince him. The good news, the disease is not proven contagious. Watch and find out more closely the symptoms of this disease so that you can handle it early. 

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