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"TANAMKAN"jiwa menabung sejak awal

"Cultivate" saving souls from the beginning 

    It reminds me of my experience sewakt child. Where to educate parents and taught me a very simple basic how to save money. The memory was still very kept in mind and my mind even though already 20 years passed. The lessons are very valuable and very takterlupakan because it is very important to teach children to my descendants. Very traditional way and how do I save a little money aside. At that time my dad taught traditional knowledge how to save money is set aside just a little pocket money given to me in a bamboo tree is given a little hole. 

    Time was passing. Once I was a rather large step back I bought a piggy bank in earthenware with a chicken. I still remember very clearly where the money I save haslnya pretty good and at the time of the feast of Eid money can I buy a new outfit. Very happy it feels .. All of these habits until now I still do is collect coins that usually returns results only scattered away. All I store in an old bottle and end of each year, usually every day feast of Eid I open it and wow the results were quite surprising and can be used to buy my son clothes widths. Continues to evolve today's era where ease of saving money or saving money is very easy now guaranteed by the BANK to support all of it. 

    If I or you can embed in the soul saving our children from their early positive impact will likely be felt by us all and most importantly our children. There are very many advantages in the can from my savings and may not describe here. Above picture is only the most minor benefits dati saving advantages. Therefore cultivate the soul saving as early as possible in our family. This little story can hopefully grab the essence and benefits. Which in essence is how to educate our children and our descendants ever since from the beginning how cra so they can learn more about the benefits of spe-SAVING. 

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