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Believe it or not " Mystery birth rate "

Mystery birth rate

All are sometimes made between believing and not confused.
All sometimes have the sense and meaning.
There is certainly no cause and effect.

Now it's up to you, regarding the meaning and significance of this birth rate. Do you believe it or reverse it.Just to know the meaning and the meaning of the birth rate does not hurt and maybe we can make as little knowledge and insight to us all.

This is the mystery behind the birth rate:

Year of Birth 1 = Water that flows
You do not have a sense of security. Berhasia like. You have to get used to living with high dynamics, constantly moving and it's not easy for you to live. But according to your nature is like water flowing, you can always find a way out. Bad experience and the difficulty will make you independent, free to determine the will of the heart. People of this type should look at the life of the water flowing. Any difficulties will be encountered by it.

Year of Birth 2 = Earth
Beratak fast, attentive and always supportive. Type this earth more fit and deserves to be a partner rather than leader. Prefer to remain silent and be a faithful follower.Always need help from someone more powerful to achieve the ultimate goal.Problems will confront when trying to achieve success in a hurry, without preparing everything from scratch. Type the earth is always in a hurry and used to working without proper preparation. To succeed, too many obstacles.

Year of Birth 3 = Thunder
You are an energetic, impatient, want to always stand out and survive on the road already traveled. Often too frank for the failure of others, but always sensitive to the failure itself. Power creations are always high and he thought orosinil fruit. Two things are key to success. But he is easily frustrated and angry when feeling depressed.The disadvantage is to always get there in time. And consequently, all will actually fall apart.

Year of Birth 4 = Wind
Like the wind, you are easily changed, fickle and always uncertain. However, when a failure you do not easily give up and surrender to life. Typically, his attitude is very friendly and affectionate. Like to put the interests of others and would rather help others to succeed rather than make himself a success first.

Year of Birth 5 = Major Strength
Childhood full of trouble pushing this type to grow independently as an adult usiaa.Full of charisma when when dealing with others and have tremendous perseverance.The key to success of this stems from two things. High potential to become leaders.Unfortunately often verbose when in doubt about something. In a way, this person does not need others to complete any work.

Year of birth 6 = Heaven
Full responsibility and attention. Always be careful in every step and action. Tend to put yourself above others, and expressed criticism of them. Has the power to inspire others and often emulated his attitude because it is gifted to be leaders. One thing you must realize, that life must be dealt with seriously if you want to succeed. The rest is a willingness to put themselves in the community.

Year of Birth 7 = Lake
Life is based on optimistic attitude, flexible and a bit of a slut. His view is rather materialistic. Fortunately this type of easy to get sustenance. Money does not seem to be a problem for him. Money comes easy to him, but also easily dissipated in an instant. Clever diplomacy and a little hypocritical when talking with others. His life was not far from pleasure.

Year of Birth 8 = Mount
A matter of loyalty, these people do not diragunkan again. Loyalty balanced with perversity possessed. Her willingness hard but it is very difficult to express her feelings in others. It takes people a lot, because of the strength and sense of great help. But it must be objective and impartial in others, so as not to hurt later on. Have advantages in the storms of life, namely its very tough.

Year of Birth 9 = Fire
You who have the number 9, was destined to be a brilliant, intelligent and passionate.Can stand tall amid the crowd, and became the idol of others. You should be careful in choosing friends, because sometimes you hurt them. With the ambition and intelligence you have, you want to be a superior. But it would be wise if you are generous and tolerant of others' feelings. 

Hope can be useful.

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