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Secret Uses the Control Key "Ctrl"

On the keyboard you will surely find a button marked "Ctrl". 
What will emerge when we combine that button with the letters a through z? 
Here are a few that I know about secret merger between the "Ctrl" when the match with an existing letter.

1. CTRL + A works to block the entire text 
2. CTRL + B for bold text function (first block of text you want bold) 
3. CTRL + C works to copy / Copy text in the block 
4. CTRL + D serves to open the menu / Fonts dialog box 
5. CTRL + E serves to flatten the text on the block (Align Middle) 
6. CTRL + F function to open the menu / dialog box Find (Search) and Replace (substitute) 
7. CTRL + G to open the menu functions / Find and Replace dialog box (Go To tab) 
8. CTRL + H to open the menu functions / Find and Replace dialog box (Replace tab) 
9. CTRL + I serve to make the text on the block to be slanted (italic) 
10. CTRL + J to function flatten Paragraph / Text (Average Left-Right) 
11. CTRL + K works to open the menu / Insert Hyperlink dialog box 
12. CTRL + L serves to flatten the paragraph / text (Justified) 
13. CTRL + F function to shift the First Line Indent and Left Tab at the bar of documents 
14. CTRL + N function to open a new document (New document) 
15. CTRL + O Open function to open up (open a previously saved document) 
16. CTRL + P to open the menu functions / Print dialog box (Print page) 
17. CTRL + Q works to eliminate the serial number 
18. CTRL + R serves to Flatten paragraph / text (Align Right) 
19. CTRL + S works to Save (save the document) 
20. CTRL + T works to shift the Left Tab at the bar of the document (to the left) 
21. CTRL + U for underline teksyang serves on the block (Example) 
22. CTRL + V to Paste function (paste) the text that had been Copied 
23. CTRL + W serves to store and instantly close the Microsoft Office programs 
24. CTRL + X function to delete the text (Text should be in the first block) 
25. CTRL + Y and Z serves to reiterate the writing 

Maybe that's what I know about the usefulness of the "Ctrl" is.
If there are shortcomings and mistakes please guidance of all.
Let us learn from each other in things that are useful. 
Share the knowledge of mustard seed, although only just.
May be useful. 

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