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Care Tips Phone With Good And Right To More Autos

Care Tips Phone With Good And Right To More Autos  
Do all items need to be able to care for her age durable Includes a cell phone. Mobile phones today is a tool that may not be separated from human life today. Mobile phones are one of the means are very in need to akaomunikasi or as a means of support for business. In order for the HP device can be durable and it works fine in need of care. 

Here are some tips on caring for a cell phone or mobile phone.

1. Treatment at the time Charge a mobile phone. At the time of charge mobile phones should be in full and try to recharge the batteries when where gone though a new type of batteries such as Lithium Polymer that can be filled at any time. Because in general if you do that too often charging can shorten battery life.
2. On his cell phone access code. The activation code on the phone either on cards or any sin on the phone itself needs to be done to prevent the use of other people who might not be eligible. This serves to protect your personal data. And very well if you install security applications from third parties. like wavesecure and others.
3. Active's keylock. This serves to prevent the use that is not on purpose.
4. Record your IMEI number.
MEI can be used to authenticate if your phone is lost. It can also be used to find security code with the help of software if you forget.
 5. Clean up your phone. Clean your phone with a soft cloth and never use chemicals because if you are not expert can cause damage to the mobile phone components.
6. The use of cell phone holster.
This can reduce the entry of dust directly into the phone, so your phone will stay clean. It can also reduce the impact if your phone is accidentally dropped.
7. Put down the phone. Avoid putting the phone in areas with moist and juicy. Do not put the phone in dusty areas. Do not put the phone on a region containing a magnetic field because this will force the phone to work with up to get the best signal.
8. Avoid putting the phone in areas where the temperature exceeds room temperature high enough .. 

Some of the tips above is a little review how the phone so we can be long lasting and durable.

Care about is stuff we have to take care of him regularly.

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