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Healthy Exercising at the Regional High air pollution?

Healthy Exercising at the Regional High air pollution? 

Exercising is good for health. But what if exercise in environments that have high levels of air pollution? According to Prof. Edward R Laskowski, Md., physician of The American College of Sports Medicine, during sports activities, even a low intensity turns out you will inhale the air 10 times higher than at rest.

When exercising you will breathe in more frequently to the lungs and breathe more often through the mouth so that no air was filtered by a filter system in the nose. This condition will increase contact with pollutants in the air, where exposure to inhaled air pollution can cause health problems, such as minor damage to the respiratory system in the lungs, increasing the risk of heart attacks in elderly women, and increase the risk of lung cancer. Therefore exercising in areas with high air pollution levels remain a negative impact, especially for people with asthma, lung disorders, or cardiovascular disease.

The existence of air pollution does not mean to make you afraid to exercise. Laskowski provide suggestions to minimize the impact of air pollution when berolaharga, including: choosing the right time to exercise, namely in the morning when air pollution is not too high, choose a location on the outskirts of town or area of ​​low air pollution levels, exercising within a radius of more than 20 meters from the highway, or doing indoor sports (gym, futsal, etc.).

source : http://www.melindahospital.com
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