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Plant Type Air Cleaner

 Type of plant air cleaning, whether there really? Yes, of course. There are 15 types of plants that are known to counteract the pollution as air cleaners around the neighborhood you live. By simply planting the crop, then the surrounding neighborhood where you live becomes clean and fresh, and free from air pollution.
This type of air cleaning plants are not costly to make your home clean and healthy. Simply spray a few glasses of water alone can make the air in your home environment to be cleaner, fresher, and uncomfortable. In addition, by planting these plants around your home can reduce the harmful substances such as. Ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, as well as reducing other pollutants from outside your home environment.
According to the results of NASA research and several other scientists said that by planting 15 kinds of plants that have been known to counteract the pollution is able to clean the air inside the house and believed to be more effective. In fact, you can place it inside the house.
You can prove it, at which time your home just in the paint or new furniture to buy other goods. Here, when you put the pots of other plants are recommended in the home may help reduce levels of chemicals found in paint and furniture goods.
So that air circulation is always clean and fresh, you can put both outside and inside the house to feel more comfortable. Meanwhile, because the air in Indonesia do not have the winter it should be for 2-3 days, could you place the plant outdoors to enjoy the outside air. After a few days laid out, you can put it back into the house for a week. And do it so.
Here are 15 types of plants can be cleaner air around your home environment:
Areca Palm. This type of plant is good for removing formaldehyde.
Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Rubber Plan
Janet Craig.
Ivy Classic. This plant is very well placed in the home, especially for people with asthma and allergies to dust and fine hairs.
Date Palm Tree, Ficus Alii, Boston Fern,
Peace Lilly.
Aloe Vera. Plants that are commonly called aloe vera is in addition to cleaning the air it also has many other properties, such as biscuits treat bruises, broken leg, abrasions, hair loss, sore throat, treat ulcers, and hemorrhoids.
Spider Plants. The species is known to be very good to throw away the substance of carbon monoxide and nitrogen monoxide contained in the room. When you place it inside the house or a room, then within 24 hours of pollutants in the room will disappear.
Chrysanthemum. If you have family members who have the habit of smoking, should keep this plant in your room. Because plant species Chrysanthemum flower is good for absorbing substance benzene were found in many tobacco. Please also note that benzene is a very dangerous substance because it can lead to cancer.
Snake Plants or Mother Tongue of Law. If you like the kind of crop this one because a simple form, then your choices are very precise. Plants are commonly called the tongue-in-law is very easy to maintain, and can grow anywhere. Better yet if you place it around the fence as an antidote to air pollution. Or perhaps another alternative could be placed also in the bathroom, if you have a decent bathroom spacious and unique. In fact, in the dark even if these plants can still grow well.
Heart Leaf Philodendron.
If you have several types of plants from 15 plant species at the top, then it could be rotating the plants you place either after placed outside or inside.
But keep in mind also, the plants in the above you can get in Indonesia exception Classic Ivy plants. So, what are you waiting if you want to get healthy with a low cost of these plants. That way, living a healthy, clean, and the home free from air pollution dirty you can get right now in order to maintain your health and your family from harmful substances. 

source : http://www.melindahospital.com
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