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Specials for the Lazy

It was an adorable scene at once pathetic, when walking the street at a time when the morning, we found many women who are distracted mother, the father of fathers who smoke and hug knees, and some people bertapihan towels, which may already since a few hours ago. There is also a glaring television until noon. An activity enjoyed laziness.

Perhaps indeed they were relaxing, maybe they did not know what to do? Or there is a desire, but is always defeated by laziness. Successful friend, I will give you special tips to get rid of laziness.Have you ever had to go one night to pick up lover? Have you ever had to go one night to do something you dislike? Which is heavier and torture? Of the number two? Nah! Means laziness was actually tortured and exhausting, as well as our own hearts annoying. Who is covered laziness, it will more often irritated, will more often angry, will more often kesel, and more easily hurt and blame.

Immediately have the purposeActually it's a lazy person does not exist, that there are people who do not have a strong purpose. When people have a strong goal then they will move and leave kemalasanya. You're too lazy to run? What if you saw your mother being dragged dragging and dijambak bunch of others from a distance of 100 M. What would you do? Yes! You will run every effort to help the mother of course. (Sorry if you are the prodigal son must have different responsenya)

There is no other choice, when your goal at this time there has been no, or weak, then immediately make a strong purpose for your life, then you will be automatically programmed to be very diligent. Make your life goals now are more powerful, even stronger, even bigger and bigger.

Accelerate your movement.There are automated in our bodies. If you move the spirit, then everything will become more spirit. If the position of your body and spirit both, then the entry is a good thing and spirit. Begin to move faster, run fasterTry to act out those who are restless!Try to act out those who are sad to be left lover!Try to demonstrate that happy people pass the exam!Try to act out those who are sickTry to act out a beggar!Try to demonstrate who is pursuing a sales target of 2% who stayed longer achievedWant to know the sensation? Yes demonstrate not just read! Lho kok even keep reading! Demonstrate first, let you feel the feelings, thoughts and moods suja? Strange is not it?From 6 above command, why do you demonstrate or exhibit different? The difference is not the artists demonstrate a scene above? Why?Wow! Kok modulation? Peragaannya different? Well this proves that there is a very strong relationship between the content of thoughts and feelings with body movements, and vice versa. Body movement is also greatly influence the content of thoughts and feelings.From now on, move faster, more agile more atractive, more enthusiastic. Let your thoughts and feelings to work automatically, in accordance with God's perfect formula.

Choose a positive emotion / buildThere is a wide range of emotions: enthusiasm, anger, resentment, kesel, senbel, dissolved in grief, BT, keqi, sulky, depressed, and was was a lot. Sometimes a lot of people can not escape from it this sort of thing. It seems that determine our emotional state. Indeed no effect, but it is we who determine our emotions rule.Do not say I was angry, but I CHOOSE to say angry. Do not tell me sad, namaun say I chose to sad. Practice that, in order to appear in our self-awareness, that it is our choice and are in control of yourself.I opted for the red-hot these days and write something for you and the world! Hooray! I chose to really enthusiastic!

Find new activitiesAntivitas bored with routine? Well this is what makes the tendency to be lazy. Find a new activity? Free really. Maybe FACEBOOKING, or streets on a motorcycle down the aisle and narrow aisle aisle aisle, or walk away with public transport will do.The more bizarre the better in your feelings. Wong had a car really take a train? Wong old really play ball? Or go to the mosque mosque study distant or outside the mosque subscription. Find new activities, will give a new sensation.The new office? Yes there is nothing wrong if you had 25 years as a purchasing staff and does not rise up position. The more extreme, the greater the sensation.

Imaginasikan greater thingsSomeone once told me that you little people? If some say like that, chances are he's afraid of achievement unrivaled by you, or he does not have the ability to see the truth, or just because you did not remove the ability you have, so that they see everyday you're lulled by laziness and routine.Begin to imagine your greatness. Doing big things and build up great expectations. See yourself more successful in coming years. Look at yourself you can make changes to the changes, look at yourself excited through the day.Whatever your situation now, not very relevant to your future, which is more relevant is what you are doing one second after now and then. Yes!

Reason to this lifeLife is just one trip. God created us is certainly not fun, because life is so precious to every human being. No matter how rich the poor, clever fool. Life is precious. It is appropriate, we also appreciate anyone's life as precious. For your life's journey and you are the most valuable. Do you have a reason for your life?Why should you live? Find a good reason your life today. Is it true that only after something to eat? Or you should have more meaning and helpful. More meaningful and more positive contribution to this life?What do you live?

Through every time freely and happily.You're the determinants of the life yourself. You are designing what kind of life you want to go through. Go through your life's journey with a free and happy. Enlarge the area that you have control, and narrow areas of the area that you can not control. Focus on the controlable and make yourself an independent person. Not unfettered and happy.Does it not work spaces?Yes, if it turns out your contributions to the company less than the salary that you receive. If you want to be free and happy in a company, then Contribute is greater than the dollars that go into your savings account.Hope can give inspiration for more vibrant and changing activities that plunged ourselves mired in laziness, unchanging, still, dirty and less useful.Successful friend, my prayer for you!

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