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How to Control Anger and how to Eliminate Grumpy Properties.

How to control anger and how to eliminate Grumpy properties.


1. Feel Others Feel Try to imagine when we are angry with someone else. Now, exchange the position where you become the victim of being scolded. How about it's being scolded. If anger educate and build character it may be useful, but if anger blind you will certainly clear himself grinning. 

2. Calm Heart In A Comfortable Place If you're angry you turn your attention to something that you like and forget everything that happened. A quiet and beautiful place such as parks, beaches, gardens, lounge, and others may be a suitable place for you. If your emotions may be heightened somewhat self-recreation for much needed refreshment.
3. Looking Busyness Favorites To forget the incident or something that makes our anger heightened emotions we need something that deflects anger by doing something fun and can make us forget the problems encountered. Examples such as listening to music, playing PS2, playing guitar or other musical instruments, reading books, chatting, writing articles, movie box office, and so forth. Do not act stupid like smoke, use drugs, and so forth.

4. Heartline / Curhat On Other People Can Trust Tell everything that happens to us may be a bit much to help reduce the burden on the liver. Do not confide in people who do not we trust our personal curhatan to prevent spread to others who do not want. Bercurhatlah on a friend, boyfriend / girlfriend, wife, parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles aunts, and so forth.

5. Finding Cause And Finding Solutions When you begin to calm your mind, try to find the source of the

problem and how to resolve it with the best possible way. For ease of use a piece of blank paper and a pen to write a list of problems you are facing and what about a solution or solutions to problems. Choose the best way out in resolving any problems that exist. Maybe it will significantly reduce the burden on your mind.

6. Want to Be Good Good people who you often see on the television screen is usually the person who remains calm when angry, to the point, did not mean to hurt others and always strive for the best. Sure you want to be thought of as a good person. If you want to be a villain, it's up to you.

7. Cool And Forgetting Existing Problems When anger envelop ourselves and we are conscious of being overcome with rage then be indifferent to your anger. Change anger into something that is not important.
For example in the heart say: "gosh .... Same like this just get angry, sich really does not matter .

8. Rational Thinking Before Acting Before the angry other people you try to think first whether the problem is you are angry at a decent level of anger. Sometimes there are people who for diliatin other people so angry and rude to invite a direct rebuke to the noisy / fight. Trivial problem and should not be exaggerated big problem that should not be trivialized.

9. Diversification Objectives, Goals, And Dream of Life The more ideals and dreams of your life, the more things you need to accomplish and pursue from now on. Set your life's dreams and dreams as high as possible but achievable, if done seriously and work hard. It would make little things will not be important because you are too busy with your future knitting yarn. Following furious passions means waste your valuable time.

10. Control Emotions Anger And Do not Want to be enslaved People who are easy enough to make people angry and uncomfortable around her, of course, is not very good. Social life would be a bad person. Swore in yourself to not easily angered. Just relax and indifferent to anything that is not important. The purpose of your life is the most important. Think of uncontrolled anger is the enemy of you and if necessary get someone else to handle it.
11. Do not easily provoked To mute the anger of others we should not emotions when dealing with people who are being hit by anger that the problem does not become more complicated. Just listen to what he wants to say and do not much respond. Relax and do not pay attention and put in a lot of heart no matter what people say angry. Simply grab the core and remove the rest so that we do not participate emotion or increase the burden of our minds.
12. Apologize If angry because of something we do then if not properly explain our mistakes, but if by mistake we apologize for it and finish with either a full inner peace and patience in dealing with all of his anger. Opponents fire with water, do the opposite fire with fire.
Well, that's the tips for relieving anger. Good luck taming your anger emotions.

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